Our Inspiration (Greek Mythology)

Anchiale was the Titan goddess of the warming heat of fire. She was the wife of the Hecaterus, Titan- God of hands, and the mother of the metal-working Dactyls, ” The Fingers”. These rustic deities together represented the power of the human hand to create and utilise fire, Anchiale’s brother, Prometheus, famously stole fire from heaven for man.

Anchiale Technologies is an IIT Delhi incubated startup. Our aim is to develop low-cost state-of-the art water activated powerless heating systems which can be used by civilians and defence personnel alike. These technologies can change the way millions of people consume their foods and beverages. We believe that creating futuristic technologies is the only way to serve society and mankind at large in a sustainable and consistent manner. Thus, our team of engineers work day and night to serve this vision of the company.

Our Team

Dr. Sumer Singh

Mentor & Business Advisor

Harshit Jain

Co-Founder & CEO

Amit Patel

Co-Founder & CTO

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