Essence Of Trekking- A Departure Into The Unknown

What is more important than the sheer joy of discovery, the unraveling of the wilderness, seeking answers to questions man has not yet learnt to ask, to witness miracles and in all these things – to conquer ourselves. In order to heal ourselves back from the monotony of our daily lives, to collect moments, not things, and walk as swiftly as the pace of nature, a departure into the unknown is a necessity.

Trekking all around the world helps you experience not only the extraordinary, but it is also packed with a number of exciting benefits. For fitness freaks, a trek in itself is a tool to measure your own strength and stamina. The type of physical endurance it requires acts as a perfect inspirer to work harder on your body. Trek do not come with no challenges; the challenges can be either physical or mental, financial or spiritual. This teaches us a lot about how patience is the answer to everything; the key to experience is absolute perseverance.

Of late, treks have also become an alternative technique for people to talk about climate or spread awareness about a cause or an event. Travelling has truly become a very easier and impressive way of disseminating information. The adventure of trekking is very fulfilling in itself, it helps one behold the evergreen beauty of mother Earth. Treks can excite you as much as they can calm; the endless array of activities it offers is simply a bonus! A definite, though temporary break from your work schedule and obligations is much needed to bring down the stress levels and frustration from your life.

We all learn from new experiences, and the regions we trek also enlighten us about their indigenous culture and traditions. The moments of peace not only give us the space to introspect within us, but we acquire myriad perspectives on a variety of things as well.

Nature can surprise us in many ways, and therefore, the picturesque vista it offers to capture the moment eternally in a click is phenomenal. We meet new people, share ideas, love, learn the true meaning of life, set goals and teach ourselves to strive. This cultural syncretism fused with striving makes things so easier! Trekking moreover teaches us to travel light, to keep with us the exact prerequisites, and be flexible in handling everything. We can never underestimate the power of nature, the unlimited opportunities it provides us to know our own selves. It is an invisible connection to the realm of Metaphysics, a spiritual bond that binds us to the outsides. You don’t need any reason to trek, it is a wilderness in itself.

And, as Finis Mitchell  rightly puts it –

“We don’t stop trekking because we grow old. We grow old because we stop trekking.”

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