The Trekking Essentials

It’s the beginning of January and winter has finally set in. One can hardly escape from being bitten by the travel bug! If you’re a travel junkie, you already know the trekking essentials and how it feels to command your day as well as your night amidst nature. For those who are just to begin it, remember, your backpack is your survival kit. So, it has to stuffed with accessories and equipment that would nonetheless help you in your adventure!

Here is a list of the basic trekking essentials that you must equip yourselves with if you’re in a mood to trek anytime soon.

*A trekking bag – This shall be decided in regard to the time and terrain of your travel. For a trek of a single day, choose a backpack that can easily accommodate basic necessities like water bottle, some snacks, lunch, camera, jacket and other things.

*Trekking shoes/boots – There is a difference between sports shoes that keep you warm and shoes/boots that are specifically designed for trekking. The sole of these shoes/boots helps in a better grip, and prevents you from slipping.

*Sleeping equipment – It should be carefully decided by you keeping in mind the temperature of the external atmosphere, the comfort and warmth.

*Trekking Poles – If you use poles, it shall allow not only a better position and longer walks but also helps to tone your muscles. They aid you in the movement of your arms and legs, keeping your back always straight.

Other trekking essentials include –

*Sunscreen, sunglasses, pocket swiss knife.

*Weather appropriate clothing – waterproof gloves, rain pants, spare tshirt.

*A cap, headband and a headlamp.

*A pair of tissues, insect repellent, if needed.

*Earplugs, chargers.

*Hand towel and toiletry kit.

Essential Food and Hydration

*Water, in tandem with the weather.

*Munching items – dry fruits, chocolates, some other cereals.

*Water free soap.

*HeatoMate – a product that allows you to make ready-to-eat food. It is completely flameless and powerless. It also requires very little space which makes it all the more feasible for treks and travels.

This is not imperative to carry each and everything that you deem fit for a travel. Keep your backpack light, and bring your items as per your convenience and requirement. Learn beforehand about the weather of the place you plan to trek, the accessibility and other information so that you equip yourselves with the right items!

Happy trekking!

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