Demo: Heating Water

Now heat water anytime anywhere at your convenience without worrying about carrying those bulky electric kettles or stoves.

Demo: Heating Water

Now cook and enjoy your noodles on the go with 


Heat: Ready To Eat Food

Heat only Ready to Eat (RTE) food anytime anywhere with the Superpowers of HeatoMate


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the plastic food bags are microwave and food safe and are not dangerous at high temperatures, unlike other plastics.

Disposal of the heating bag after use should be done in a dustbin as normal garbage.

No, each heating pouch can only be used once.

No, the by-products of this compound are natural and do not cause any harm to humans and the environment.

There is no specific temperature. It works with all temperatures of water, Avoid adding boiling hot water for activating the reaction.

Theoretically, there is no upper limit but, we recommend up to 300-350 gms of food/beverage for best results.

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